About Us

One day your dreams come true. Yes, you find yourself realizing a project you have been dreaming of for years. For many years, my interest in healthy nutrition and natural organic products has pushed me to research on this subject. This is such an adventure that when you examine nature, fermentation, the natural flow of life and its selection, you become more fascinated and go deeper. Combined with my curiosity for the kitchen, natural and healthy nutrition, as a biologist I started researching the miracle of nature sourdough and fermentation. Nowadays, I searched for gluten intolerance that develops in many people, and the result took me to sourdough breads. I felt happy by making a healthy fermented product in the kitchen. And now I am both happy by making sourdough breads and helping people to consume the bread they enjoy in a healthy form.

In addition to this, I wanted to add joy to our soul by supporting my interest in the kitchen with kitchen textiles and ceramic products and touching our visual pleasures as well as our health.

I hope we can proceed together on this journey.